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Healthy life comes from good living habits

  rope skipping

  Can relieve constipation

  Women are more likely to have constipation than men. First of all, because women eat less, fine, fine, so intestinal peristalsis slower. Second, the amount of female exercise is small, and adhere to the law of exercise can make the intestinal better creep. The best way to prevent constipation is through the rope skiing viscera. Bounce can stimulate the bones, muscles, promote blood circulation, in addition to strengthen the immune function of the lymphatic system, which is very important to relieve constipation. Constipation people walking, you can try to increase the waist and crotch rotation, like the model as cat walk, which can play the role of abdominal massage, can strengthen the viscera, especially the stomach peristalsis, promote the absorption of nutrients and waste Discharge, gastrointestinal disorders, indigestion caused by constipation, there are particularly significant effect.

  The bathroom is decorated

  Light yellow helps defecation

  Japan's new study found that the bathroom decorated with some yellow, help defecation. Yellow is warm, there is a feeling of relaxation, ease the role of tension. People in the defecation, the body part of the muscle in a tight contraction state, then keep a happy mood, can relax the muscles, help defecation. The color of the bathroom in the warm colors, such as light yellow, light green, light blue, light orange, etc., can help you soothe the nerves, and purple color is easy to stimulate the nerve, is not conducive to the spirit of relaxation. In the relatively narrow space of the bathroom, the yellow color can also play a broad field of vision effect, making the whole bathroom more soft, spacious and bright.


  Light pollution

  Or cause obesity

  Electric lights this great invention was born, who would not expect that one day, the light will become a source of pollution, affecting people's health. US scientists have recently pointed out that in the brightly lit city, people have a higher chance of obesity. Because the night in the light under the light will change the metabolic law, even if the appetite unchanged, will increase the weight. Therefore, reducing light pollution helps to control obesity.

  Vinegar wash surface

  Can be beauty

  Always beautiful beauty is the common pursuit of people, in fact, as long as every day in the wash water add a little vinegar, perseverance perseverance, it will be effective. Because the vinegar itself can change the skin's pH, soften the skin of the stratum corneum, inhibit bacterial breeding, so that pores open, reduce the incidence of infectious skin diseases. The kind of vinegar is the best of pure vinegar. Method: the ratio of water and vinegar 100: 5, in a pot of water drops in the 7 to 10 drops can be.

  Aloe vera

  Can cure burns

  Scald washed by cold water after cooling, desirable fresh aloe vera leaves with warm water to wash, peeled jelly-like part of the affected area, or smashed Jiaozhi coated to the affected area, every 15 to 30 minutes to replace the new aloe, until the pain relief. After the day painted two or three times, wrapped with sterile gauze, gauze dry, timely with aloe vera juice moist. Night with a sterile blade will be cut into thin slices of aloe, apply to the affected area, topical bandage bandage. 10 days or so can be cured. Aloe vera can fire, insecticide, detoxification, pain. On the blisters have been burned, remember not to burst blisters, according to the above method can be handled. Moderate to severe burns to the hospital in time to deal with.


  Do not brush your teeth before going to bed

  Or cause chronic pharyngitis

  Got chronic pharyngitis is not terrible, should be in the doctor to accept symptomatic drug treatment at the same time, pay attention to life in self-care. First, keep the room suitable for the temperature and humidity, while paying attention to air circulation, often breathe fresh air. Room air drying and overcooling, overheating, too wet can affect the pharyngeal mucosal defense function, resulting in dysfunction, pharyngeal paresthesia, the course of chronic pharyngitis lesions. Morning, after meals and before going to sleep mouthwash, brush your teeth, you can keep the mouth clean. At the same time can prevent the nose and nose and its surrounding diseases, the elimination of inflammatory lesions. In addition, the diet nursed back to health, usually with a light digestible diet is appropriate, and then help some fresh to the fire, soft and juicy food.


  Susceptible to high blood pressure

  A study shows that loneliness will make the age of more than 50 years of age in the elderly increased the risk of hypertension, which also proved that friends and family of personal health important. The most lonely blood pressure in the study is higher than the value of the blood pressure of the lonely person, indicating that the loneliness is the same as the degree of damage to the heart.

  Cell phone bacteria

  Can induce facial acne

  Cell phones carry a high amount of bacteria, although these bacteria will not immediately get sick, but also become the breeding of bacteria bacteria. Acne is adolescent due to increased secretion of sex hormones caused by a common skin disease. Dermatologists have found that people are accustomed to sticking the microphone all the way to the side of the face, the handset is always squeezing the face, resulting in skin cell proliferation and clogging the pores, and finally induced acne.


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