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So long obese people slim down the habit

  1, to read a "9 o'clock after not eating anything" spell, which means that can not be delayed after dinner to 9 o'clock or after 9:00 also get unhealthy food to fill the stomach. Arrange your last meal and snack time, so that the body just before going to sleep to digest the food finished.

  2, before going out to eat, drink a cup of protein think of snow (a milk + juice drinks, add protein powder into "protein think of snow"). It may not be good for the taste of the protein, but it will allow you to stay for some time, so you will not have a lot of food.

  3, out of the time, the car parked in a little further place, increase the amount of walking exercise. If you go out with a backpack, it is better, the amount of exercise will be greater.

  4, put yourself a day off Usually Friday is the best, because a week has passed, anyone needs to take a break. You can eat some usually restrain yourself can not eat things, of course, should not be too addicted.

  5, the weekend should exercise. Most people can find a lot of reasons for not sports on weekends, but if you are willing to spend some time on the weekend to exercise, you will reach your weight loss goals faster.

  6, if you are too lazy to open the oven to cook things, use a microwave oven. Do their own nutrition to lose weight breakfast: eggs, vegetables, low-fat cheese.

  7, think of your stomach as a fire, if you continue to add fuel for it, then it will always burn, the fire violent. Similarly, after the campaign, this fire will burn more vigorous, you thrown into anything, will burn faster.

  8, before the weekend carnival to do exercise. So when you eat and drink at night, it will think twice after eating!

  9, do not put the salad dressing on the salad, but on the side, with a fork stained with salad dressing and then cross the salad. In this way, you can taste the delicious sauce, and will not lead to put too much.

  10, often climb the stairs. My office on the 11th floor, and from the 11th floor to the basement there are 368 stairs (I counted). If I run twice a day, it is not far from my weight loss goal.

  11, do not use high-calorie sauce to season, often see health magazine, learn to lose weight dishes.

  12, tell the world your weight loss goals, so that the world will stimulate your weight loss power.

  13, find a weight loss partner. If you often encourage your partner to work hard to achieve your goals, your partner will encourage you to work together.

  14, design a weight loss schedule spreadsheet, and then print out posted in the office where everyone can see, or home on the wall.

  15, put a picture of your most beautiful time in the bedroom dressing mirror, so up in the morning you can see it at first glance. Or buy one you have to lose weight before you can wear beautiful clothes, try every day to see how big your progress.

  16, put a healthy nutrition of small snacks in your briefcase, is the kind of one person. When you work overtime, you can eat the snack, so that they will not be too hungry, but not too full, because after a good meal.

  17, drink a glass of water before meals, every meal is.

  18, put a box of whole wheat crackers or ready-to-eat cereals on the desk as a snack. Do not be like a colleague who has nothing to eat candy.

  19, if you do not buy junk food home, then you will not want to eat. Before buying every food, take a look at the nutrition label. If you especially like to eat fast food, you can browse the restaurant's website to see if you can find food fat and calorie content.

  20. carry a rope with you. Especially in the long working hours, squeeze out 5 to 10 minutes to jump rope. This will help you exercise and lose weight during working hours.

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