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What is Peilin?

  1 definition

  Peilin is bearing, that is, bearing, ABEC level of the points, but not the higher ABEC level will be effective. (ABEC-7, ABEC-9) bearings are widely used in the production of high ABEC (SKF, BONT, TWINCAM, RAPS, BSB, Ninja CHINA BONE, etc.) Why? Because the ABEC number is only on behalf of his precision and tolerance only, balls, retainers, lubricants material is very important. ABEC is not standardized. High ABEC number is not necessarily on behalf of high quality, the label is more important. Pei Lin is good or bad relationship with the skating of the continuous slope of good or bad. Material: ceramic bearings and steel bearings.

  2 Advantages

  Ceramic bearings are not afraid of water characteristics. Ball made of special ceramics, has the following advantages:

  Light weight, lighter than steel bearing system 60%

  Friction coefficient is small and high hardness, and thus wear

  Easy maintenance

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