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Skipping game evaluation

  Game evaluation

  Skipping costs about 1,000 calories per hour and keeps the rhythm at roughly the same level as jogging, but it avoids the pain of knee and ankle pain caused by running. Skipping on the body's sensitivity, physical posture, balance, coordination and flexibility have a wonderful role in promoting. Can make the strength to develop, especially the lower limb strength. Skipping can make calf muscles become explosive, so that the thigh and buttocks muscle fibers more solid. Skipping is the most effective and economical way to burn fat, but also the best. If you want to experience the benefits of skipping to health, it's like a 9-year-old girl.

  ?With many advantages:

  1. Simple and easy. Skipping many tricks, can be simplified, at any time to do, a school will be particularly suitable for the season in the lower temperature as a fitness exercise, and women are particularly appropriate. From the amount of exercise, the continuous rope skipping for 10 minutes, and jogging for 30 minutes or jumping fitness dance 20 minutes is almost the same, can be described as less time consuming, energy consumption of aerobic exercise.

  2. Exercise a variety of organs. Jump rope can enhance the body's cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system function. Studies have shown that skipping can prevent diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, obesity, osteoporosis, hypertension, muscle atrophy, hyperlipidemia, insomnia, depression, menopausal syndrome and other diseases. For lactating and menopausal women, skipping also has a positive effect of relaxation, and therefore also conducive to women's mental health.

  Progressive plan

  Skipping from the amount of exercise, the continuous rope skipping for 10 minutes, and jogging for 30 minutes or 20 minutes of dance dance is almost the same, is a time-consuming, energy-intensive sports, there are tests show that jump 5 minutes, 140 times per minute Of the movement effect is equivalent to jog for half an hour. As long as you can guarantee the speed of 120 to 140 times per minute, an hour can burn 600 ~ 1000 calories. Plus skipping a wide variety, ready to do, a school will, so has been a popular fitness methods and weight loss. In view of skipping on the unique role of women's health, the French fitness expert Mock specifically for women who designed a "skipping progressive plan." Beginning time, only 1 minute in situ, 3 days after the continuous jump for 3 minutes, 3 months after the continuous jump on the 10 minutes, six months after the day can be "series jump" such as each jump 3 minutes, a total of 5 times , Until a continuous jump for half an hour. Half an hour to jump, it is equivalent to 90 minutes of jogging exercise, is the standard aerobic fitness exercise.

  Jump rope to lose weight essentials: 5 minutes a day for a section, every day can jump 5 to 6, 6 days a week, to be adjusted after the gradual increase. Long-term adherence, will be able to effectively reduce weight.

  Jump speed: slow: 60 to 70 times per minute jump. Faster: an average of 140 to 160 times per minute.

  Movement process

  warm up

  (This part is also called stretching)

  1. First do some free practice to let the muscles excited, such as imitation jump rope jumping action. (1 minute)

  2. Stretching the calf of the gastrocnemius and Achilles tendon, the two parts of the most important, because the entire rope skipping process they are always in a high degree of tension.

  Action essentials: legs open before and after, hind legs stretched feet close to the ground, the front legs to the front of the bend, that is often said bow and arrow steps. And then supine on the mat, one leg lifted straight, with a rope to cover the arch, his hands slowly forced the legs to the direction of the trunk stretch. Each leg for 30 seconds. (2 minutes)

  3. Shoulder movement: the rope will be folded, both hands holding the rope at both ends of its straight, the distance between his hands slightly wider than the shoulder. His hands to keep the rope tight, while imitation kayak rowing action. (1 minute)

  4. Limb movement: prone on the mat, will jump rope to cover the right ankle, right hand holding rope skipping two handles, slow force the leg to the knee for the axial direction of the hip forward, keep the rope tension for 20 seconds. The same action with the left leg left hand repeat.

  5 stretch the thigh tendon: supine on the mat, the left knee bent, with rope skipping around the shank to prevent the natural legs of the straight, his hands slowly forced to pull the calf close to the back of the thigh, keep 20 seconds. Repeat the above action on the right leg.

  6. Stretch the back muscles and tendons: standing forward flexion bent, knee to keep relaxed, so that the shoulder and arm naturally drooping, keep relaxed, for 20 seconds.

  7. Outside the exhibition: the rope will be folded, his hands at both ends of the rope will be tightened, slightly wider than the width of the shoulder, arm up his head. The waist bent to the side of the body, for 10 seconds, and then repeat the above action in the opposite direction.

  8. Chest movement: the body upright, as far as possible horizontal arms. Shoulder tightening, so that the scapula as close as possible to keep 20 seconds.

  9. Whole body movement: hands rope, in the body on both sides of the horizontal "8" shaped pendulum movements. While doing knees squat and restore the action. Action coordination can be squat to jump.

  10. Complete skipping: Take a complete jump rope action as a transition to regular practice. There is no need to be too tight between each hop. This will allow you to slowly adapt to the next exercise. (2 minutes)

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