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Jump rope motor skills

     1 sideways ramp jump
    This action can train your endurance, enhance your abductors and adductors. The two left and right sides of a before a standing jump rope sideways first on one leg jump rope jump forward, then leans back in place. The jump should pay attention to hard swinging arms. Rest after the jump 1 minute 10 seconds, repeat the exercise twice.
    2, skipping basic skills: simple jump rope
    Ready action: feet together, carried jumping exercises 2-3 minutes (jumping height of 3-5 cm).
    Start skipping, pay attention to the wrist swing arc. Beginners first jump 10-20 times, rest 1 minute, repeat 10-20 times jump. Non-beginners can jump 30 times, rest for one minute after the jump 30 times.
    3 leg bent jump
    Right leg bent forward lift. Tiptoe, hop 10-15 times for the left leg to repeat the action. Rest 30 seconds, do two on each side.
    4, sub-scissors jump
    Do first jump rope ready to exercise (see Exercise 2), then the rope skipping, jumping feet apart, feet together the ground, repeat the action 15 times.
    5, crossing his arms and jump
    Do first the Rope Skipping ready exercise (see Exercise 2), and then crossing his arms and jumping rope. When the rope in the air, crossed his arms, skipping rope cross arms reverse restitution.
    6, double jump rope
    (1) to take a side-by-side standing position. Per person outside of a hand holding the rope handle. Begin to practice simple jump rope (see Exercise 2), they both feet skipping, then practice at the same time with one leg rope skipping.
    (2) to take one after the standing posture. The tall stand behind, jumping rope and waved.
    7, around the spin jump
    The two rope skipping practice: one legs squat, swinging rope jump rope on the ground arc, another person from swinging on the rope to jump over. Speed gradually accelerated from slow, one minute after the two alternately.
    8, side foot jump
    (See Exercise 2), and then start with a simple jump rope skipping, waving with both hands, wrist and right foot, jumping rope, left foot touching the ground, lean to one side, jump 15 times. For the other foot jump 15 times. Non-beginners can practice fast rope skipping, jump from the foot of the glide. Exercises, you should note that the feet do not lift up too high, too slow, or rope enmesh.

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