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Benefits of jump rope

 In recent years, a variety of fitness, jump rope highly respected of the many fitness experts at home and abroad. Its benefits should not be overlooked. First, it is a less time-consuming, energy-consuming aerobic exercise. From the exercise, continuous rope for 10 minutes, 20 minutes and doing aerobics and jogging for 30 minutes, the effect quite. Variety, squat jump, hop, other foot jump, backhand jump, feet and jump, simple, a school will, this time it is chilly in winter, jump rope warm-up is also a good fitness. Secondly, you can exercise a variety of human organs. Skipping to the lower extremity bounce after kicking action arm swing, waist twist with upper and lower extremities, abdominal muscles shrink fit mentioning legs, in order to reduce the excess fat of the legs, hips, waist, achieve weight loss goals. The rope skipping process, the hands, feet, and brain, breathing deeply and helps to strengthen muscles and cardio, increase the vitality of the nerve cells in the brain, improve thinking ability to respond. Jump rope, you can accelerate the body metabolism, promote blood circulation, strengthen the vascular function. Research shows: jumping rope can prevent high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, insomnia, depression, osteoporosis, muscle atrophy and menopausal syndrome and other diseases. Menopausal women with relaxed mood, positive role to protect the mental health.    

Body fat, the best selection of jump rope before meals, before meals and exercise can reduce appetite. Jumping rope when worn, soft, comfortable, lightweight sports shoes prevent ankle injuries; rope hard and soft, better moderate thickness. Beginners usually use a hard rope, the soft rope skilled can be changed, choose moderate hardness lawn, wooden floors and soil to the site is better to avoid the hard cement floor jumping rope to prevent joint damage; jump rope should relax the muscles and joints , toe and heel coordinated to prevent sprains. Bloated and middle-aged women should adopt feet and jump up jump amplitude is not too high, otherwise, joint injuries because of too much weight. In addition, before skipping hand, foot, leg, ankle should first warm-up activities, rope skipping sub to do stretching exercises, active muscles, relax the muscles and prevent accidental damage and legs thicker.

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