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The cordless jump of origin

The Ohio inventor Clancy from 1988, they invented the idea of this cordless jump rope. This month, the U.S. Patent Office awarded the 52-year-old Clancy cordless jump rope patent certificate. Clancy said, can move heavy objects cordless jump rope handle makes the user feel there is a rope in the mobile.

But why have to jump rope without a rope? Clancy explained to do this for those who are not good at jumping rope is a great exercise tool. He said: "jumping, you let your limbs fully activities also contribute to cardiovascular exercise, and use the cordless jump rope, you do not have to worry about the rope tripped terminated jump."

Clancy said, cordless jump rope to avoid those mental patients and criminals to commit suicide with a rope, lower ceiling fan installation also do not have to worry about at home skipping inconvenient.

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