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New invention: only handle rope

As a simple aerobic exercise, skipping more and more fitness favorite. However, you've seen only handle rope skipping it? This is a new invention but just recently in the United States Patent Office filing.

    The 52-year-old Lester Clancy is an employee of the Ohio State Penitentiary, responsible for the laundry services. He said that as early as in 1988 there was the invention no rope skipping idea. Recently, the U.S. Patent Office has finally let Clancy got what they wanted, its patent is granted, the patent number is 7,037,243.

    The new jump rope secret lies in the special design of the two handles - they can imitate the feel of the rope to move. Clancy describes this invention in a patent application submitted to the U.S. Patent Office: "users with both hands each grab a handle, then began to imitate the action of the jump rope, that an annular shake his hands and arms. Device in the handle can mimic Skipping eccentric exercise. "

    Clancy said his invention "cordless jump rope skipping opportunities to children and those clumsy people, in the exercise at the same time, they will not be tripped by the rope. This only handle rope skipping for psychiatric hospitals and prisons also very applicable, because there is no need to worry about the patient or prisoner rope skipping rope as a suicide tool.

    However, this invention also incurred some ridicule, that this is really boring patent.

    The "boring Patent some interesting invention

    U.S. Patent Office will be accepted numerous patent applications each year, in its approval of the patent, there are some very weird inventions. Also set up a website called "frivolous patents" to collect and publish these "frivolous patent.

    There are some interesting inventions in the United States Patent Office, these "frivolous patents".

    The "lollipop straw of a patent in 2004. Combination of lollipops and straws functions, while using the straw, while eating lollipops, quite a homemade cocktail effect. There is also a business card with edible raw materials. With the chocolate business cards, the biscuits business cards, candy, cards, send a business card is like sending snacks, quite innovative. Also, save paper and have environmental significance. However, whether this card can keep long, people suspect.

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