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Cordless jump rope fitness

Recently, the U.S. Patent cordless jump rope "patent certificate issued to a laundromat operators. Yes, is no rope skipping, or just two originally used for the connection of the handle of the jump rope. Holding two handles, you can imagine the rope, or, if you really are too lazy to move, you imagine he skipped rope in an imagined.

    According to the inventor Clancy, he is the 1988 patent application. He said, jumping rope can make the upper and lower extremities can get exercise, enhance cardiovascular function, but due to fears rope tripped injured, while the rope is likely to encounter things like ceiling fans to be dangerous, many people give up this good fitness. In addition, due to the fear of jumping rope for suicide, such as mental hospitals and prisons, places not provide the basic jump rope.

    The above considerations, Clancy thought to retain only handle the cordless jump rope, so that people feel just by waving the handle jump rope, play the same increase in body coordination and flexibility.
    Clancy's new invention, many people feel particularly funny. Mike Ernst, a professor of kinesiology at the University of California that allow people to physical exercise is jumping action itself, rather than jumping rope. From this perspective, the invention of the cordless jump rope or meaningful. But he also said that the so-called high-tech handles are not required, you can even put the hand in the toilet paper core as a handle ".

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