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The advantages and function of the pedometer

The latest research shows that digital pedometer for most people is accurate and consistent. Pedometer can inspire people to become more active, to guide people toward healthy living. Two studies reported that the annual meeting of the American Diabetes Association, use a pedometer walk to healthy levels to help control the disease with diabetes patients with minor improve.

    Most importantly, very cheap pedometer! You are not ready yet to spend thousands or even million investment in a home gym or treadmill, pedometer will be one of the best investments in your healthy living.

    Body fat friends, friends all desire healthy, maintain daily physical activity is the best method of weight loss and fitness. Physician statistical day about excess heat excess of 300 cards, walk ten thousand steps a day, it means that these excess calories consumed light.

    Go to the gym? Expensive and inconvenient. Not as good as with the electronic pedometer, calories consumed in the number of steps, exercise, adjust the sensitivity of the pedometer. With electronic pedometer, everything changed daily quantitative record how much of the movement, one day the amount of exercise can make up for lack of appropriate leisure time walking. Small electronic pedometer lets you and your family have embarked on the road of the best sports and fitness fitness.

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