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How to choose jumping rope

The selection of rope skipping first thing to note is to choose a lighter plastic jump rope. Do not choose a cord, because the cord can not afford to shake speed resistance. Why do you want to put it mildly, because general there are two ways to shake rope jumping rope, a wrist less arm forces, relying on the inertia of the rope rope overdone feet this way we called Yau rope jumps , and now a lot of jump good people this jump, jumps shortcomings arm force, easily tired, it is difficult to jump out of the action difficult to shake compiled spent like three, four shake; there is also a rely on the the wrist shake rope led finger force, which we advocate, able to quickly grasp the better one jumps, almost all of the action must be more than three shake so shake the rope to master. Wrist force shake not move heavy rope, we can only choose lighter rope this rope at a much faster pace. Lighter rope is easy to hit the volume level almost the people can elect a slightly heavier rope, to the extent of not playing volume, the lighter the better. High level people can choose it lightly skipping, there is a lot of rope skipping, generally will be relatively long, some conclusions can play more, so you can let the rope faster.

    The authors studied a variety of jump rope, designed a hand-professional jump rope. It took the bottom rope thinner design, through a variety of tests, continuous improvement, and now has become the best choice for badminton jump rope training. The advantage is that the effort and enables dual shake the skipping action it difficult to learn a lot easier.

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