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Pedometer qualified judgments

Forced to make pedometer accurately determine whether a mechanical vibration sensor pedometer pedometer to keep the pedometer body vertical with the horizontal plane, and gently bobbing up and down, swinging distance of about 3 to 5 cm in the most appropriate. The pedometer needs 100% correct only for qualified.

    2 judge a 3D vibration sensor (gravity acceleration sensor) pedometer pedometer is accurate, pinch the body so that the body is the most flat plane parallel with the horizontal plane, and gently forced pedometer bobbing up and down to observe the count.

    Practical application of the judgment

a) Walking: walking frequency of 100 steps / min, walking 100 steps the pedometer record the number of steps should be in the range of 92 to 108 steps.

b) Running: running frequency of 170 steps / min, run for 100 steps, recording the number of steps should be in the range of 95 to 105 steps.

c) pedometer without any packaging from the cement ground 80CM height of free fall time, 2 times after pedometer can still work.

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