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How to choose the right pedometer

Pedometer's basic function: time display, stopwatch function, the number of steps from the display and personalized stride design. Addition to automatic admission units FM radio, target distance, target time, the alarm reminders, and automatically set the stride, 10,000 steps a prompt, speed, calories functionality, finger sensing heart rate data and other functions, automatic browsing. The pedometer is a health partner, affordable health gift table arrangement for children of elderly friends. You can choose your pedometer in accordance with the needs of freedom.

    In addition, selected should also buy the more well-known brands, multinational brands on the market: the the acumen (Ankang League), Japan casio (Casio), Japanese Omron brand. Domestic brands Green Forest / Green forest, (Wuhan productivity) multifunction pedometer and health Chaoli brand pedometer (Guangdong). We can choose according to their preferences and pedometer functionality.

   In general, with the exception of some models of Casio, multinational brands pedometer are in China looking for OEM manufacturers OEM production. Japanese brand's design also generally outsourced to domestic companies. So, from the general sense, the difference in the quality of the various brands of household pedometer is a minimal price terms for the purchase by is a big factor. Different pedometer their different functions, different design and different prices. For example, Japanese Omron pedometer largest sales market multinational brands in the six central provinces, the price of single-function models in the range of 78 - 128 yuan, the multi-function models reached 168 - 398 yuan. The largest sales of domestic brands in six provinces in central market the Green Forest pedometer multifunction models the price is only $ 78 - 98. Thus appear, For general household pedometer, feel little difference in the quality of domestic brands is a considerable advantage.

    However, the overall domestic brand brand power is weak, and Distribution channels are inadequate, one of the biggest obstacle restricting its development. According to the statistics of the domestic medical device industry survey institutions, in North China market, and the East China market, the market share of domestic pedometer is less 70% of multinational brands. This aspect of consumer the Debu trust domestic brands mischief on the other hand is a big advantage of brand channels. Such as Omron and Casio in the vast majority of second-tier cities, and even third tier cities, shopping malls, drug stores have counters. Domestic brands only Green Forest Kangchao force in a part of a second-tier city shopping malls, drug stores have counters

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