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Jump rope ten minutes is equal to jogging for half an hour

Jumping rope length of time varies from person to person. Continuous fast-paced jump rope, it is best not more than 10 minutes, the heart will be overwhelmed. If the jump for a while to rest for a while, every 30 minutes is appropriate. Specific exercise based on the physical as well as requirements of the individual. Do not force yourself to what standards must be achieved.

    Rope skipping is a physical activity in outdoor activities, exercises must be good before the preparatory activities of the various parts of the body, especially the ankle, wrist, shoulder, elbow must activities open.

    A slow beginning, as to adhere to the growth of time, you can gradually increase the speed of rope skipping. Slow maintained at an average of 60-70 times per minute hop; faster speed is maintained at 140-160 times per minute.

    Inevitably sweating, winter outdoor rope skipping halt to coat. Jumping rope is not only a child's game, or a good way to fitness. Fitness enthusiasts can according to their own schedule and exercise time to participate in the collective, in which experience more than jumping rope fun.

    From the exercise, continuous rope for 10 minutes, jogging for 30 minutes or 20 minutes is almost the same dance fitness dance can be described as a less time-consuming, energy-consuming and strength training. Skipping can promote blood circulation, protect the heart, improve lung capacity; You can also enhance youth development, physical fitness, intellectual development, health and well-being.

    Early morning wake up bleary-eyed, first jump rope, make clear-headed, energetic; jumping rope at night will make you a good night's sleep. Rope skipping slimming effect, according to the study, obese people jumping rope before meals can reduce appetite.

    Long-term adherence to jumping rope skipping training, speed, balance, endurance and explosiveness, but also to cultivate accuracy, flexibility and coordination. Retirement for the elderly, between co-workers can often more than jumping rope, both to encourage each other and increase the fun, man of indomitable will and spirit of making progress in the exchange of emotions, but also exercise.

    Especially the work of young people, the collaborative spirit of mutual assistance team will have further experience.

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