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The pedometer health tips

Electronic pedometer counting principle

However, because each person walking posture, stride length is not the same as other data in addition to the number of steps is more accurate is not accurate (typically 65 kg body weight of 0.7 meters per step standard conversion).

The pedometer health tips

1. Insist on walking, hypertensive patients can help improve symptoms. When walking, through retractable muscle, the decline in the resistance value of the blood flow, blood pressure decreased and stable. (Often walking, rarely suffer from hypertension or hypotension sick)

 Movement, arterioles and capillaries thicken, increase blood flow. If sustained exercise, blood vessels elastic, soft recovery, but also be able to prevent and improve the "hardening".

Since the fat in the blood is used as energy to combustion, can reduce the adhesion of fatty substance in the intravascular. The movement of the weight loss, gradually reduce the burden on the heart.

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