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Differences between PVC and PET

  Can be distinguished by combustion

  Polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Appearance: transparent to opaque, hard quality. Softening or melting temperature range: 75 ~ 90 ° C; combustion flame state: the yellow under the green and white smoke and irritating sour; from the fire after the situation: from the fire extinguished. Brittle after burning

  Polypropylene and polyethylene (PP and PE), Appearance: translucent to opaque, textured transparent film. Flammable: Flammable in flames. Leave the flame slowly after the extinguishment or continue to burn. Burning the top of the flame was yellow, the bottom was blue; a melting, dripping phenomenon. Can smell the smell of paraffin.

  Polyester resin (PET), appearance: transparent. Flammability: flammable, leaving the flame to continue burning. Near the flame that is melting, melting, leaving the flame to keep burning, a few smoke, a very weak sweet, ashes hard round, was black or light brown.

  PET performance, especially expensive, PVC is not environmentally friendly, but the price is cheap. Mainly to see where you use it.

  PVC is called polyvinyl chloride; PET is called polyethylene glycol phthalate.

  PVC chlorine, there is a certain toxicity, not suitable for food packaging, transparency, temperature resistance than PET, smell.

  PET transparent, non-toxic and tasteless, corrosion-resistant, common for beverage bottles, bags and so on.

  PET is a polymer material, full name is polyethylene terephthalate, the application is very broad, Nongfushangquan bottle is used to do it, is a degradable recovery of materials.

  PET mainly includes polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polybutylene terephthalate (PBT).

  PET molecular structure is highly symmetrical, with a certain degree of crystal orientation, and therefore has a high film-forming and flexibility. PET has good optical properties and weatherability, amorphous PET has good optical transparency. In addition PET has excellent abrasion resistance and dimensional stability.

  PET made of products with good transparency, non-toxic, anti-penetration, light weight, high production efficiency and thus has been widely used.

  PBT and PET molecular chain structure similar to most of the same nature, but the molecular backbone from two methylene into four, so the molecules more supple, processing performance is more excellent.

  The main uses of PET are: all kinds of food, medicine, non-toxic and sterile packaging materials; textile, precision instruments, electrical components of high-grade packaging materials; decorative products, color wall stickers products, degradable decorative materials and other environmentally friendly Electronic materials such as tapes, videotapes, film, computer floppy disks, metal coating and photographic film, electrical and other fields such as electrical insulating materials, capacitor films, flexible printed circuit boards and membrane switches.

  PET wall stickers: PET materials suitable for large-scale production line of wall stickers varieties, such as the second generation of wall stickers, the third generation of wall stickers, the current domestic does not appear cutting plotter PET material processing the first generation of wall stickers products, the price is too high. PET material, large-scale high-resolution inkjet machine color absorption performance is superior, good absorption performance makes PET wall stickers bright color to keep more long, the material itself can absorb the color of the glue to the PET color wall stickers more three-dimensional.

  PET wall stickers Advantages: PET wall stickers with high color saturation, color vivid, long life cycle, easy to clean wet cloth scrub, corrosion resistance, feel smooth, biodegradable recovery.

  PVC material is a kind of plastic decorative materials, full name is PVC material, is the main raw material of polyvinyl chloride resin, adding the right amount of anti-aging agent, modifier, etc., by mixing, calendering, vacuum blistering process Made of material.

  PVC material with light, heat insulation, insulation, moisture, flame retardant, simple construction and so on. Is one of the most widely used decorative materials in plastic materials.

  PVC wall paste a lot of grades: salted PVC resin (generally used in South Korea and Japan more), professional PVC film (harsh environment to use more, such as aircraft, the use of the ship), PVC stickers (the most common one, Low price, the use of a wide range).

  The domestic common to see the PVC sticky material made of wall stickers, material quality difference is very obvious, short-term surface is not visible in the course of use will show unreasonable differences, the brand is better PVC material is not easy Fade aging, good environmental protection.

  PVC wall stickers: because the difference between the process and grade there is a clear distinction, and some wall stickers are high-resolution equipment after printing, the stamping of the mold, such as South Korea's salted PVC color wall stickers; also carved, as often seen Cutting machine processing of the first generation of PVC immediately stickers wall stickers products, temporarily did not see the use of salted PVC to do the first generation of wall stickers, many domestic manufacturers also use PVC pearl film production similar to the Korean color wall stickers products, because PVC Pearlescent film material with reflective, so just produced the wall stickers products, the appearance of bright, a short period of time will not be any changes, but out of PVC pearl film raw material inherent quality reasons, a long time the material will become yellow brittle , Wall stickers color fades, harder PVC pearl film material and even Alice, leaving the phenomenon of residual glue.

  Process differences lead to the difference between the wall effect is obvious, such as inkjet and stamping of the salted PVC wall stickers pay attention to realistic, wall stickers pattern gradient color, color saturation, pattern realistic, suitable for decoration of various environments, and sculpture is not , Of course, some customers like a single color wall stickers, that is, lettering machine engraved out can be used. Because the lettering machine production capacity is limited, so that the wall stickers products suitable for order form custom business, due to the pattern of a single color restrictions, the need for customers in more than a dozen colors to determine, in order to carving processing, to be processed, Can be installed for customers, so it is not suitable for physical retail business.

  PVC wall stickers Advantages: salty PVC wall stickers color saturation, color vivid, long life cycle, but expensive; ordinary stickers PVC wall stickers, simple process, low prices, mass consumption, can be customized according to environmental requirements; Film wall stickers, low prices, suitable for low prices in the wholesale market and network operators.

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