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Fog haze days in the house skipping rope

  For those who like sports, haze weather is too much trouble. In this regard, Nanjing City, Chinese and Western medicine hospital health care consulting clinic associate professor Li Jing suggested that may wish to jump rope in the room, not only physical fitness, and convenient.

  One of the main components of haze PM2.5 can attach a large number of harmful gases, heavy metals and other substances can be directly into the lungs, the alveolar and vascular endothelium caused by slow and sustained damage, increased respiratory disease, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease formation probability. The rope skipping on the heart function has a good role in promoting the blood can get more oxygen, the cardiovascular system to maintain a strong and healthy, but also can increase the respiratory rate and breathing, thereby promoting the body's respiratory function, reduce the risk of respiratory diseases Possibly, so it is especially suitable for practicing haze days in the room.

  In addition, skipping is also a good aerobic exercise, especially suitable for the winter. Continue skipping for 10 minutes, with jogging for 30 minutes or jumping for 20 minutes of fitness dance.

  Need to pay attention to is to jump rope before the activities of the body, especially the shoulders, arms, wrist and ankle, to avoid sprains and contusion; rope skipping speed should be slow to fast, step by step; knee do not jump vertically, but should be slightly bent, Which can ease the knee, ankle and the impact of the ground contact; before meals and half an hour after meals do not rope skipping; rope skipping should not be less than 4 times a week, but preferably no more than 6 times; 30 minutes or so, the time for too long will increase the risk of sports injuries.

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