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Know the right way to jump rope

  Know the correct way to jump rope thinning In fact, the increasing conditions of the object, more and more people suffer from obesity. How to reduce the body of the remaining fat has become our current concern about the content. Healthy and thin will not be affected by the individual and was favored. Skipping thinner from time, space control, is a more fashionable a thinning exercise, here to give us an analysis of the advantages and methods for jumping rope.

  In the thinning exercise, skipping exercise is a relatively relatively safe exercise, there is little damage to the attack. Skipping is the following part of the body as the center of the whole body exercise, in addition to the nerve, muscle, bones developed, the internal organs also have an excellent stimulus, can increase its function, so the health of the insistence and enhancement have considerable effect. While jumping at the same time with their own individual circumstances, physical strength and skill to freely adjust the speed and frequency of rope skipping, so the effective crowd is wide.

  The correct way to jump rope is:

  1, rope skipping must use the forefoot take off and landing, remember not to use the whole foot or heel landing, so as to avoid the joints, the brain was shocked, induced disease. When leaking in the air, do not over-bend the individual, but to become a natural state of bending. Exercise, breathing to natural rhythm, help individual regulation.

  2, holding the rope when the hands were holding the rope at both ends of the handle, under normal circumstances to foot on the middle of a rope, arms elbow to lift the arm, the rope was straightened to the effective length.

  3, jumping the process, when the rope shake forward, the arm should be close to the individual side, elbow slightly outreach, upper limb approximation level, with the wrist hair force for outreach exercise, so that both hands in the side to do round action. Every time you shake, the rope from the ground up and down, swing a week, the rope rotation speed and the speed of the rope is proportional to the speed is not too fast.

  4, in the time of the rope, when the forward shake, should first out of the foot, the front foot from the ground, heel to let the rope stopped in the soles of the feet; when the backward shake, then the foot out, heel off the ground , Feet to the ground, let the rope stopped at the soles of the feet.

  After the above topic analysis, I believe that our benefits and methods of skipping have been further known. As a result of the process of health thinening exercise, to do step by step, within our means, should not have an overnight view. Exercise thinner, expensive to keep, hope you have harvested.

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