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3 big exercise to lose weight method does not rebound the weight of the meat

  I believe that through exercise to lose weight MM have such doubts - continuous exercise that time there is a significant decline in weight, but they will be afraid to stop once the movement, it is easy to rebound. That in the end exercise weight loss will rebound? How to exercise to lose weight is correct? Do not worry, today, Xiaobian will answer to everyone one by one.

  Will sports lose weight?

  First, the movement in the weight loss of the two important role:

  1, direct consumption of a lot of calories, oxidative fat, weight loss.

  2, to enhance the body's metabolic consumption, increase the daily energy consumption, the same can achieve the purpose of weight loss.

  How to exercise to lose weight

  First, the swimming diet method

  1, with the effect of massage

  We are in the process of swimming, the body will change with the action by the full range of water massage, whether it is buoyancy or resistance, can play a role in soothing muscles. And through this special massage, the body of the lines will be sculpted naturally and perfect.

  2, the consumption of heat is very large

  Weight 55kg, 20 years old women, walking 1 hour by the heat consumption of about 120 ~ 150kcal (calories). But when swimming, frog swim 1 hour of calories consumed is 600kcal, freestyle is 1000kcal, which shows that swimming is a rapid consumption of calories can exercise.

  3, adhere to fast short distance travel

  Many people used to swim in a leisurely rhythm to swim slowly, because they think that can stick to longer%

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