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Month by 10 pounds 7 interesting rope skipping method

  Say skipping is very simple, but you know how to jump rope to lose weight? This simple exercise, but there are many kinds of jump Oh! Xiaobian below to introduce 7 kinds of interesting jump method, 30 minutes a day, a month can be reduced by 10 pounds!

  Skipping is the most simple and effective way to lose weight, you can legs, hips, waist and arm excess fat all get rid of. As long as 30 minutes a day, in January can easily get rid of 10 pounds of fat.

  First, synchronized feet jump

  1, "spring jump"

  Imagine you are a single leg spring, feet close together, forefoot standing. Swing once jump once.

  Double jump swing once again jump twice, each time the rope is longer than the "spring jump" slightly longer. This action is a sense of rhythm, than the previous group of actions relatively easy, you can let the tension in the "spring jump" to adjust their own breathing.

  2, "ski jump"

  Imitate the action of the skier around the obstacle, the legs close together, jump to the left or right first jump 30-40 cm distance, the next jump and then jump to the opposite direction of the distance. So the cycle.

  3, "bell jump"

  From the "spring jump" evolved out of a jump method. Legs close together, in the first cycle of the swing rope first step forward, in the second cycle and then jump back one step, so the cycle.

  4, "horizontal cross-jump jump"

  By the "spring jump" action began, and then legs in the air horizontal fall back to the ground, in the next swing cycle, the legs jumped back in the air and fell back to the ground. So the cycle.

  Second, single leg rotation jump

  1, "walking"

  Each pendulum cycle with a foot rhythmically pedal to jump, take turns. Lift a leg on the knee to mention, calf relax, as in the runway on the walk in general.

  2, "high leg"

  Action essentials and "walking jump" is basically the same, the main difference is that the knee should be raised to the same height as the waist, while the trunk to maintain integrity. This action for improving the leg muscles and psoas muscle strength is very good.

  3, "boxing step"

  The center of gravity before and after the move, the legs take a small kick before the kick kicked off the ground, in a swing cycle of each leg jumping 1-2 times each leg. This action is small, the efficiency is very high, the endurance is a great test, but also a very good increase.

  Of course, there's your confidence in skipping. Look! You can also have the kind of boxing athletes like butterfly-like pace.


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