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Scientific and effective rope skipping method to make body constantly fitness

  Core Tip: rope skipping effect is good, scientific and effective rope skipping method is gradual. Skipping rope do not have to jump too high to allow the rope through the limit, when quite a period of time, should keep a day for 5 minutes continuous jump, 6 days a week, and then according to personal physical increase.

  Medical experts believe that skipping on the heart function has a good role in promoting continuous rope skipping can make breathing deep, rapid heartbeat, speed up the metabolism, so that the blood to get more oxygen, so that breathing and cardiovascular system is fully exercise. At the same time, the role of rope skipping is also very significant, you can eliminate the buttocks and thighs of excess fat, so that the body constantly fitness.

  Rope jump rope, you can buy to the sports store, you can also make their own. The length of the rope to the foot of the rope with the foot of the middle, two can reach the armpit at the ideal.

  When skipping, you can jump with your legs at the same time (note: use the toes rather than the whole foot or heel), and then transition to two casters to jump, like a trot on the rope like. Skipping rope do not have to jump too high to allow the rope through the limit, when a considerable period of time, should keep a day for 5 minutes continuous jump, 6 days a week jump. Gradually transition to a continuous jump 200, rest 1 minute, then jump 200, and then rest for 1 minute. So repeatedly repeated.

  Jump rope preparation:

  Lattice rope jumpers: the so-called empty-handed rope skipping refers to the rope is not rope pro who do not rope, but do not take rope and swing his arms, make rope skipping action, but the consumption of heat and rope skipping is the same heat! Empty jumpers who have to prepare a pair of slightly thicker soft bottom shoes!

  In the rope before the legs to be pressed, stretching, turning the waist and other preparatory work, this will be the body of the joints are open, you can as much as possible to reduce the movement of the body caused by injury, and will improve the body's softness, In particular, pay attention to stretch the calf gastrocnemius and Achilles tendon, the two parts of the most important, because the entire rope skipping process they are always in a high degree of tension!

  Jump rope weight loss method Action essentials: legs open before and after, hind legs stretched feet close to the ground, the front legs to the front of the bend, that is, we often say bow and arrow. And then supine on the mat, one leg lifted straight, with a rope to cover the arch, his hands slowly forced the legs to the direction of the trunk stretch. Each leg for 30 seconds.


  This time, whether it is empty-handed rope jumpers or jumpers, in the process of skipping are not anxious, due to the different physical, so the movement of the time is different, we have to step by step, endurance can be a small five minutes , The next day and then jump ten minutes, the third day and then jump fifteen minutes, after a period of running and training, we will be able to adhere to the time longer and longer.

  We are skipping a lot of people used to point together, in fact, in my opinion, we should take a single point of exchange point method, and should not lift the feet too high, because if you take a single point of exchange Method can reduce our fatigue in the course of exercise, and can avoid the legs due to excessive weight and muscle pain and grow ugly "radish legs"!

  Skipping rope after the correct stretching action:

  1, people stand straight, one leg forward and keep straight, hind legs bent, the body slightly forward stretch, his arms stretched forward. Adhere to 8-12 seconds, change legs to do once again.

  2, people stand straight, Qiaoqi a leg, hand to seize the shoes, as close as possible to the buttocks. Keep the buttocks balance, knees close together, upright legs slightly bent, if the balance to maintain the difficulties, can hold the wall or chair. Adhere to 8-12 seconds, change legs to do once again.

  3, in general, a full set of stretching exercise time is about 10-12 minutes, when the action to be in place, you can put the body joints, ligaments are open. But also with the weather at that time, lengthened or shortened. To feel the body temperature rise, but breathing to keep smooth.

  Jump rope to lose weight calf muscle soreness how to do?

  A: jump rope to lose weight more, did not consider their physical strength and physical capacity, calf muscles will be very sore, so I hope all the crush on the rope to lose weight, do not ask for more than a quick state of mind. If the next 2000 will be sore, then try to jump next 1000, used to slowly add up slowly. And after the jump to remember to relax and stretch, so that the legs will not form ugly muscles.

  Can you lose weight before meals?

  A: before the rope skipping weight loss advantages and disadvantages.

  Harm: fasting exercise has been suffering from diabetes or heart patients is not desirable. Clinically confirmed, fasting exercise, the body will reduce blood sugar, can cause headaches, limbs, fatigue and even fainting phenomenon. But also produce hunger, abdominal pain, inhibition of digestive juice secretion, reduce digestive function, so fasting exercise is not desirable.

  Lee: But the US sports medicine expert Professor Tan Fu through the test pointed out: pre-dinner exercise can improve the body metabolic rate. After the stop of sports, metabolic rate is still at a high level, will continue to consume body heat. In addition, pre-dinner sports can also reduce the reserves of sugar, so that carbohydrates can not be converted into fat, so the sports time should be arranged before meals

  Will the rope jump thicker?

  A: rope skipping will not let the legs thicker.

  Under normal circumstances, reducing fat is much easier than increasing muscle, effective exercise after a period of time, in most cases the muscles will become strong, compact, but the leg circumference will be reduced. The usual medium-speed skipping, cycling, jogging, loosening and not running for the purpose of the race, are relatively soft movement, will let these fat disappear, while the degree of development of the muscles is relatively small. On the contrary, fast running, strength exercises and other exercise intensity is relatively high, you can make the muscle volume increases, legs thicker.

  Skipping will not let the legs thicker depends on genetic factors

  In fact, women in vivo synthesis of muscle hormones required for very little, even a lot of exercise, it is difficult to form muscle. Moreover, the contribution of normal diet to muscle growth is limited. However, all the muscles of the movement than the long-term use of muscle is not easy to take nutrients, exercise can also increase the level of growth hormone, to everyone in the movement will make the legs thicker, depending on the specific circumstances. For example, each person's genetic situation is not the same, do not rule out a large number of long rope skipping will make a very small number of female lower limbs thickening.

  But usually, if you hit the rope 30 minutes a day (about 80 per minute), and then jump over the rope after 10 minutes or more to massage the legs and massage. The calf is not thicker.

  Muscle type thighs and calves are more difficult to reduce, the exact said only to improve the shape of the muscles, we have more patience. But the above method, whether it is not muscle-type legs, more exercise is always conducive to stovepipe. To be beautiful on the 10 million can not be lazy, spend 15-30 minutes a day, remember that there is no ugly woman under the sun, only lazy woman.

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