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Jump rope weight loss method to lose weight double arrows

Weight loss method is nothing more than diet to lose weight, exercise to lose weight, is not that very boring it? So try to jump rope to lose weight! Skipping is a girl like childhood activities, and rope skipping, skipping weight loss is not just dry and painful exercise but can be happy mood to lose weight.

  Skipping the effectiveness of weight loss

  Skipping can promote blood circulation, protect the heart, improve lung capacity; can also promote the development of young people, physical fitness, the development of intelligence, beneficial physical and mental health. Wake up in the morning to sleep, if the first jump rope, can make the mind clear, energetic; rope skipping at night, will make you sleep well. Skipping and weight loss, according to the study, obese people jump rope before meals can reduce appetite. Long-term adherence jump rope can train people bounce, speed, balance, endurance and explosive, but also to develop accuracy, flexibility, coordination.

  Skipping is a suitable for the public fitness campaign, easy to learn, save time and cheap, almost everyone will. Rope skipping beneficial physical and mental, continuous rope skipping 10 minutes, and jogging for 30 minutes or jumping fitness dance 20 minutes is almost the same, can be described as a less time-consuming, energy intensive training.

  How to jump rope the most weight loss?

  1, rope skipping running

  Thin parts: arm, buttocks, stock, legs

  Body upright, feet apart shoulder width, hands holding the rope a port, take off the left leg to maintain the normal jump posture, right foot back uplift until the right toe to raise the height of the buttocks, jump again when changing legs movement, left Toes raise the height of the buttocks. Repeat 6 times the legs alternating movement, the movement continued for 1 minute.

  2, single leg jump

  Keep running the action, jumping over the rope in one leg. After practicing as fast as possible to jump, so as to effectively lose the excess fat on the legs it

  3, waving rope on both sides of the rope

  Feet close together after skipping the rope, while the lap rope while one leg to the side of the open. The rope is about to return to the front of the time, feet and then jumped together. Then change the same action.

  How long can jump rope jump?

  The length of the rope skipping varies from person to person. If it is continuous rhythm rope skipping, it is best not to exceed 10 minutes, otherwise the heart will be overwhelmed. If it is a jump for a while, then every 30 minutes is appropriate. Specific exercise based on personal strength and the amount of need.

  Jump rope to lose weight precautions

  Skipping is a large amount of outdoor activities, exercise must be prepared before the body parts of the preparatory activities, especially the ankle, wrist and shoulder joints, elbow must be active to open. At the beginning of the slow, with the persistence of time, you can gradually increase the speed of rope skipping. Slow to keep the average 60 times to 60 times per minute; faster to maintain the average jump 140 times per minute to 160 times.

  Worried about skipping into muscle legs? After the exercise of the appropriate stretching and massage, do not have to worry about this problem, and the legs of the lines will become more beautiful. As the legs remain in a tight state for a long time, so we can after the end of the campaign with the emulsion or essential oils on the leg massage, so that both to avoid muscle soreness and sculpture leg type.

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