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Experts teach you effective rope skipping method

  Rope jump weight really effective? Recently many users are asked online The following for us on this issue to explore it!

  User help:

  I recently lost on rope skipping. Rope rope to lose weight effect? How do you do stretching exercises after skipping? I heard that do not do stretching exercise calves will be thicker?

  My movement is like this, jumped 1500 a day, 12:00 to a little jump finished. In fact, it is easy to adhere to, that is, when the beginning of the end of the foot hurts. Please help me, thank you! The The


  In general, because the autumn and winter weather is more cool, the body feels more comfortable, so often eat more delicious, if you ignore the movement, then the fat will soon accumulate.

  In all kinds of weight loss exercise, rope skipping has been favored. Skipping 30-40 points can consume 300 kcal of calories, while a bowl of white rice heat, about 250 kcal. Each minus one kilogram of fat, about the need to burn 7700 kcal of calories. According to statistics, people who use rope skipping method, usually in two weeks thin 5-10 pounds, or even more.

  But there are many MM worry about skipping will make legs thicker. Then jump rope to lose weight how? Jump rope president muscle? How to jump rope to lose weight and not let the legs become thicker? Here we will give you a detailed answer:

  Autumn and winter weight loss experts have been respected rope skipping method:

  Skipping many tricks, can be simplified, at any time to do, a school will be particularly suitable for the season in the lower temperature as a fitness exercise, and women are particularly appropriate. From the amount of exercise, continuous rope skipping for 10 minutes, and jogging for 30 minutes or jumping fitness dance for almost 20 minutes, can be described as less time consuming, energy consumption of aerobic exercise.

  Jump rope can enhance the body's cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system function. Expert studies have confirmed that skipping can prevent such as diabetes, arthritis, obesity, osteoporosis, hypertension, muscle atrophy, hyperlipidemia, insomnia, depression, menopausal syndrome and other diseases, lactation and menopause For women, skipping also has a positive effect of relaxation, and thus also conducive to women's mental health.

  Women jump rope to lose weight step by step

  For women want to use rope skipping to lose weight, not impatient, to learn to step by step. Beginner, only 1 minute in situ; so the body to adapt to extend to 3 minutes, 10 minutes, until a continuous jump for half an hour. A half-hour jump, it is equivalent to 90 minutes of jogging exercise, is the standard amount of aerobic exercise to lose weight. Skipping time, generally without any restrictions, as long as the cause of physical discomfort, pay attention to before meals and half an hour before meals do not rope skipping.

  Do not jump too fast, but also pay special attention to the extension of the calf muscles, in principle, every jump 100,200 can take a break. To achieve the best weight loss effect, every minute to jump at least 70-100 times can be.

  After the intense rope skipping do not stop immediately after the movement, should continue to slow the speed of skipping or walking for some time, so that the blood circulation back to normal before they can stop down. After you have to remember to do some stretching, ease the action, relax the muscles of the legs, be considered a real end of the movement.


  1. Jumping rope should wear soft texture, light weight high shoes, to avoid an ankle injury.

  2. Rope soft and hard, moderate thickness. Beginners usually use hard rope, skilled can be changed to soft rope.

  3. Choose soft and hard moderate lawn, wood flooring and mud land is better, do not jump on the hard concrete floor, so as not to damage the joints, and easily lead to dizziness.

  4. Jump rope when you use the forefoot to take off and landing, remember not to use the whole foot or heel landing, so as to avoid the brain by the vibration.

  5. Fat and middle-aged women should use both feet at the same time ups and downs. At the same time, the jump is not too high, so that the joint due to too heavy and injured.

  6. Before jumping rope to let the foot, legs, wrist, ankle to prepare for activities, skipping after you can do some relaxation activities.

  Stretch movement to prevent rope to lose weight after calf thicker

  It is worth noting that, although there are many benefits of rope skipping, but many MM are worried about rope skipping will make calf thicker. The actual situation is the vast majority of MM rope skipping after the calves did not thicken, and a few people become thicker. Because some people's genes are how to exercise are difficult to long muscle, there are a few people are slightly exercise on the long muscles. So choose weight loss exercise according to their own circumstances. Generally speaking, long-term exercise calf muscles, will lose calf fat, so that the muscles become tight rather than larger, leg circumference reduced, the curve beautiful and beautiful.

  After the exercise to do some stretching exercise can also prevent the calf thicker:

  Stand straight, one leg as far as possible step back, keep the soles of the ground, behind the leg to keep straight, front legs bent, the body vertical. Pull your arms backwards. Adhere to 8-12 seconds, change legs to do once again.

  Standing straight, one leg forward and keep straight, hind legs bent, the body slightly forward stretch, his arms stretched forward. Adhere to 8-12 seconds, change legs to do once again.

  Stand straight, Qiaoqi a leg, hand to seize the shoes, as close as possible to the buttocks. Keep the buttocks balance, knees close together, upright legs slightly bent, if the balance to maintain the difficulties, can hold the wall or chair. Adhere to 8-12 seconds, change legs to do once again.

  In general, a full set of stretching exercise takes about 10-12 minutes, when the action to be in place, you can put the body joints, ligaments are open. But also with the weather at that time, lengthened or shortened. To feel the body temperature rise, but breathing to keep smooth.

  In addition, there is a trick can also prevent the legs thicker: with both hands into a fist, beat the calf, each leg 3 to 5 minutes.

  User experience:

  I jumped 10 days to lose 5 pounds, and 3 hours before going to bed, only jump ten minutes, not only the whole person after skipping the spirit of the whole, but also thin, the first not to calculate how thin pounds, waist and legs size Will it be small?

  I simulated skipping every night 6000, 50 minutes, a week under 8 pounds.

  Jump rope every day for half an hour, skipping for more than a month, the beginning of the weight loss is very good, less than about 7 pounds, but this time seems to have no effect, do not know is not in the transition period of weight loss. However, now is the mental state much better than before, and the mood is also good, life is full.

  I took the child to keep skipping for 8 months, the effect is very good. My own chronic pharyngitis, fatty liver, high blood pressure, palm peeling and other problems and then no sense of good. This is skipping fitness. And children completely out of the difficulties of learning difficulties, learning performance steadily. Feeling good rope jumping. This is skipping puzzle. Okay

  I have been insisting for half a month, has begun to have effect. The most obvious feeling is that the stomach becomes much smaller. Weight is also light 6 pounds, I will continue to refuel. Want to lose weight of the sisters together to refuel! Adhere to victory! I jump twice a day. Every time you jump under 2000.

  I 168, but also want 100 below. Before skipping, the effect is fine, and later has been maintained at 104, two years did not move.

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