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Skipping can help you thin thighs!

  Skipping is a kind of systemic activity, is the life of the common movement, but also one of the most effective way to lose weight, rope skipping is indeed a good way to lose weight, but if used improperly, will bring you harm. Before you are ready to jump rope to lose weight, learn some basic knowledge of rope skipping. Nowadays, many people like to use the rope to thin thighs, then, how to jump rope can thin thighs? Here we look together!

  1, high leg skipping rope

  One leg raised at right angles, left and right leg exchange jump. The point is jump when the toes are down. If you have difficulty changing legs, you can jump after a bit of light to adjust the rhythm and then change legs.

  Using high-legged jump, coupled with high-intensity training will make the gluteus maximus contraction and stretch, so there are hip effect, but pay attention to the feet will fall when the lower limb joints have a great impact, Ankle, and do a good warm-up.

  Tip: This method is not suitable for weight loss is too large friends, easily lead to knee injury.

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