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Export multi-function wireless rope skipping rope

Product overview

  The latest three with the increase rope skipping ASCJ02 Product features:

  1. Count (0-9999)

  2. Calorie consumption (0-999 kcal)

  3. Weight setting (20 ~ 110 kg / 40 ~ 250 lb)

  4. Set the time (from 1 to 60 minutes.)

  5. Battery (1 × CR2032)

  product material:

  Handle: ABS + TPE / rope: cotton / PVC / ball: ABS + EVA

  Product Size:

  Handle: 181x30x30mm / net weight: 280g

  Rope length: 19CM / 22CM / 300CM


  1 pcs / blister, 42 PCS / box,

  Carton size: 41.5 (L) x28.5 (W) x47 (H) cm,

  Gross weight: 13.8kg, net weight: 12.8kg

Product features

The new cordless rope skipping helps people do more exercise

   And for that idea kicking around Clancy's head since 1988,theU.S. Patent Office this month awarded the 52-year-old Mansfield, Ohio, man a patent. Its number: 7037243. What makes this invention work is the moving weights inside the handles. They simulate the feel of a rope moving, Clancy said.   

  But why jump rope without a rope?

  It's perfect for the clumsy, Clancy said. "If you are still jumping, you're still using your legs as well as your arms, and getting the cardiovascular workout. You just don't have to worry about tripping on the rope."   

  It is also good for mental institutions and prisons where rope is a suicide risk, said Clancy, who works as a laundry coordinator in a state prison. And low ceiling fans aren't a hazard any more, he said.

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